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BCG vaccination improves DTaP immune responses in mice and is associated with lower pertussis incidence in ecological epidemiological studies [2021]

Broset, Esther; Pardo-Seco, Jacobo; Kanno, Alex Issamu ; Aguilo, Nacho; Dacosta, Ana Isabel; Rivero-Calle, Irene; Gonzalo-Asensio, Jesus; Locht, Camille; Leite, Luciana Cezar de Cerqueira ; Martin, Carlos; Martinón-Torres, Federico
EBioMedicine 2021 Mar;65:103254

Gold nanoparticles modulate BCG-induced innate immune memory in human monocytes by shifting the memory response towards tolerance [2020]

Swartzwelter, Benjamin J.; Barbero, Francesco; Verde, Alessandro; Mangini, Maria; Pirozzi, Marinella; Luca, Anna Chiara De; Puntes, Victor F.; Leite, Luciana Cezar de Cerqueira ; Italiani, Paola; Boraschi, Diana
Cells 2020 Jan;9(2):284

Vaccines for COVID-19 [2020]

Queiroz, Nina Marí G.P. de; Marinho, Fabio V.; Chagas, Marcelo A.; Leite, Luciana Cezar de Cerqueira ; Homan, E. Jane; Magalhães, Mariana T.Q. de; Oliveira, Sergio C.
Microbes Infect. 2020 Sept;in press