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Early pneumococcal clearance in mice induced by systemic immunization with recombinant BCG PspA-PdT prime and protein boost correlates with cellular and humoral immune response in bronchoalveolar fluids (BALF) [2019]

Goulart, Cibelly ; Rodríguez, Dunia ; Kanno, Alex Issamu ; Cunha e Silva, José Lourenço dos Santos ; Leite, Luciana Cezar de Cerqueira
Vaccine X v. 4, 100049, dec. 2019

Efficacy of a protein vaccine and a conjugate vaccine against co-colonization with vaccine-type and non-vaccine type pneumococci in mice [2020]

Colichio, Gabriela Borges Cherulli ; Oliveira, Giuliana Stephani de ; Rodrigues, Tasson Costa ; Oliveira, Maria Leonor Sarno de ; Miyaji, Eliane Namie
Pathogens v. 9, n. 4, 278, abr. 2020

The modified surface killing assay distinguishes between protective and nonprotective antibodies to PspA [2019]

Genschmer, Kristopher R.; Vadesilho, Cintia Fiuza Marques ; McDaniel, Larry S.; Park, Sang-Sang; Hale, Yvette; Miyaji, Eliane Namie ; Briles, David E.
mSphere v. 4, n. 6, p. e00589-19, dec. 2019