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Pep5, a fragment of Cyclin D2, shows antiparasitic effects in different stages of the Trypanosoma cruzi life cycle and blocks parasite infectivity [2019]

de Araujo, Christiane Bezerra ; Lima, Loyze Paola Oliveira de ; Calderano, Simone Guedes ; Damasceno, Flávia Silva; Silbe, Ariel M.; Elias, Maria Carolina
Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2019 May;63(5):e01806-18

The controversial role of autophagy in tumor development [2020]

Rodrigues, Bridilla Luiza Colhado ; Lallo, Maria Anete; Perez, Elizabeth Cristina
Immunol. Invest. 2020;49(4):386-396

Ultrastructural and cytotoxic effects of Metarhizium robertsii Infection on Rhipicephalus microplus hemocytes [2019]

Fiorotti, Jéssica; Menna-Barreto, Rubem Figueiredo Sadok; Golo, Patricia; Coutinho-Rodrigues, Caio Junior Balduino; Bitencourt, Ricardo Oliveira Barbosa; Spadacci-Morena, Diva Denelle ; Angelo, Isabele da Costa; Bittencourt, Vânia Rita Elias Pinheiro
Front. physiol. 2019 May;10:654