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Morphological evidence for an oral venom system in caecilian amphibians [2020]

Mailho-Fontana, Pedro Luiz ; Antoniazzi, Marta Maria ; Alexandre, César ; Pimenta, Daniel Carvalho ; Sciani, Juliana Mozer; Brodie Jr, Edmund D.; Jared, Carlos
iScience 2020 Jul;23(7):101234

Toads prey upon scorpions and are resistant to their venom: a biological and ecological approach to scorpionism: a biological and ecological approach to scorpionism [2020]

Jared, Carlos ; Alexandre, César ; Mailho-Fontana, Pedro Luiz ; Pimenta, Daniel Carvalho ; Brodie Jr, Edmund D.; Antoniazzi, Marta Maria
Toxicon 2020 Feb;178:4-7