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A histological and ultrastructural investigation of the female reproductive system of the water snake (Erythrolamprus miliaris): oviductal cycle and sperm storage [2019]

Rojas, Claudio Augusto ; Barros, Verônica Alberto ; Almeida-Santos, Selma Maria
Acta Zool 2019 Jan;100(1):69-80

Infundibular sperm storage and uterine muscular twisting in the Amazonian lancehead, bothrops atrox [2019]

Silva, Karina Maria Pereira da ; Barros, Verônica Alberto ; Rojas, Claudio Augusto ; Almeida-Santos, Selma Maria
Anat Rec 2019 Oct;1-10

Reproductive biology of Philodryas patagoniensis (Snakes: Dipsadidae) in south Brazil: female reproductive cycle [2018]

Loebens, Luiza; Rojas, Claudio Augusto ; Almeida-Santos, Selma Maria ; Cechin, Sonia Zanini
Acta Zool 2018 Apr;99(2):105-14