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Heparin-binding protein release is strongly induced by Leptospira species and is a candidate for an early diagnostic marker of human Leptospirosis [2019]

Vieira, Mônica Larucci ; Persson, Sandra; Lopes-Ferreira, Monica ; Romero, Eliete C.; Kirchgatter, Karin; Nascimento, Ana Lúcia Tabet Oller do ; Herwald, Heiko
J infect dis 2019 Mar;219(6):996-1006

Influence of the Polysaccharide capsule on the bactericidal activity of indolicidin on Streptococcus pneumoniae [2022]

Waz, Natalha T.; Oliveira, Sheila; Girardello, Raquel; Lincopan, Nilton; Barazzone, Giovana Cappio ; Parisotto, Thais; Hakansson, Anders P.; Converso, Thiago Rojas; Darrieux, Michelle
Front Microbiol 2022 May;13:898815

Leptospira interrogans outer membrane protein LipL21 is a potent inhibitor of neutrophil myeloperoxidase [2018]

Vieira, Mônica Larucci ; Teixeira, Aline Rodrigues Florêncio ; Pidde-Queiroz, Giselle ; Ching, Ana Tung Ching ; Tambourgi, Denise Vilarinho ; Nascimento, Ana Lúcia Tabet Oller do ; Herwald, Heiko
Virulence 2018 Mar;9(1):414-25

Museums and cradles of diversity are geographically coincident for narrowly distributed neotropical snakes [2020]

Azevedo, Josué A. R.; Guedes, Thaís B.; Nogueira, Cristiano de C.; Passos, Paulo; Sawaya, Ricardo J.; Prudente, Ana L. C.; Barbo, Fausto Erritto ; Strüssmann, Christine; Franco, Francisco Luís ; Arzamendia, Vanesa; Giraudo, Alejandro R; Argôlo, Antônio J. S.; Jansen, Martin; Zaher, Hussam; Tonini, João F. R.; Faurby, Søren; Antonelli, Alexandre
Ecography 2020 Feb;43:328-339