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Emerging roles of non-coding RNAs in vector-borne infections [2020]

Bensaoud, Chaima; Martins, Larissa Almeida; Aounallah, Hajer ; Hackenberg, Michael; Kotsyfakis, Michail
J Cell Sci 2020 Nov;134:jcs246744

Insights into the role of tick salivary protease inhibitors during ectoparasite–host crosstalk [2021]

Jmel, Mohamed Amine; Aounallah, Hajer ; Bensaoud, Chaima; Mekki, Imen; Chmelař, Jindřich; Faria, Fernanda ; M’Ghirbi, Youmna; Kotsyfakis, Michail
Int J Mol Sci 2021 Jan;22:892

Tick salivary compounds for targeted immunomodulatory therapy [2020]

Aounallah, Hajer ; Bensaoud, Chaima; M’ghirbi, Youmna; Faria, Fernanda ; Chmelar̆, Jindr̆ich; Kotsyfakis, Michail
Front Immunol 2020 Sept;11:583845