Herpetofauna at the Rio Acre ecological station, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

This study present sthe results of a herpetofauna inventory carried out at the Rio Acre Ecological Station, in the city of Assis Brasil, Acre State, Brazil. Two methods were synchronously applied for herpetofauna sampling during 30 consecutive days, namely time limited searches and pitfall traps. The sampling was distributed in three campaigns between 2015 and 2017. A total of 63 amphibians and 69 reptiles were found. The richness of amphibians and reptiles at the ESEC Rio Acre is high when compared to other Amazon Forest localities in Brazil. This study provides the second most robust inventory for the state so far and delivers new information that may support future studies in the region, such as contributing to the review of the management plan of the Rio Acre Ecological Station.
Freitas MA, Venâncio NM, Abegg AD, Azevedo WDS, Pereira VO, Zanotti AP, et al. Herpetofauna at the Rio Acre ecological station, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil. Herpetol. Notes. 2020 Jan;13:33-48
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