Compound for modulating rlr, tlr, oas and/or oncostatin m pathways, use thereof for preparing a medicine, composition, method for modulating said pathways and method of treatment

The invention falls within the fields of pharmaceutical sciences, immunology and methods of treatment of cancer Methods. More specifically, the invention relates to a compound for modulating one or more innate immune pathways selected from RLR, TLR, OAS and/or oncostatin M, said compound being amblyomin-X or peptides derived from amblyomin-X. Use of said compound for preparing medicines; a pharmaceutical composition comprising said compound, a method for modulating said pathways in vitro and a method of treatment are also described.
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A invenção se enquadra nos campos das ciências farmacêuticas, imunologia e métodos de tratamento do câncer. Mais especificamente, a invenção refere-se a um composto para modular uma ou mais vias imunes inatas selecionadas de RLR, TLR, OAS e/ou oncostatina M, sendo o referido composto ambliomina-X ou peptídeos derivados de ambliomina-X. Utilização do referido composto para a preparação de medicamentos; uma composição farmacêutica compreendendo o referido composto, um método para modular as vias in vitro e um método de tratamento também são descritos.
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BR102018074043A2; EP3939995A1; WO2020102875A1
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C07K14/81;  C07K14/435;  C07K7/06;  C07K7/08;  A61K38/57;  A61K38/17;  A61K38/08;  A61K38/10;  A61P35/00
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BR102018074043A; BR2019050502W
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