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Advanced cell therapy with low tissue factor loaded product NestaCell® does not confer thrombogenic risk for critically ill COVID-19 heparin-treated patients [2022]

Araldi, Rodrigo Pinheiro ; Prezoto, Benedito Carlos ; Gonzaga, Vivian ; Policiquio, Bruna De Oliveira ; Mendes, Thais Biude ; D’Amélio, Fernanda ; Vigerelli, Hugo ; Viana, Mariana do Nascimento ; Valverde, Cristiane Wenceslau; Pagani, Eduardo; Kerkis, Irina
Biomed Pharmacother 2022 May;149:112920

Hydroquinone exposure worsens the symptomatology of rheumatoid arthritis [2018]

Heluany, Cintia Scucuglia ; Kanda Kupa, Leonard de Vinci; Viana, Mariana do Nascimento ; Fernandes, Cristina Maria ; Poliselli Farsky, Sandra Helena
Chem-Biol Interact 2018 Aug;291:120-7

In vivo exposure to hydroquinone during the early phase of collagen-induced arthritis aggravates the disease [2018]

Heluany, Cintia Scucuglia ; Kupa, Leonard De Vinci Kanda; Viana, Mariana do Nascimento ; Fernandes, Cristina Maria ; Silveira, Eduardo Lani Volpe; Farsky, Sandra Helena Poliselli
Toxicology 2018 Sep;408:22-30

A representative metalloprotease induces PGE2 synthesis in fibroblast-like synoviocytes via the NF-capaB/COX-2 pathway with amplification by IL-1ß and the EP4 receptor [2020]

Viana, Mariana do Nascimento ; Leiguez, Elbio; Gutiérrez, José M.; Rucavado, Alexandra; Markus, Regina P.; Marçola, Marina; Teixeira, Catarina de Fátima Pereira ; Fernandes, Cristina Maria
Scientific Reports 2020 Feb;10:3269

A secreted phospholipase A2 induces formation of smooth muscle foam cells which transdifferentiate to macrophage-like state [2019]

Giannotti, Karina Cristina ; Weinert, Sönke; Viana, Mariana do Nascimento ; Leiguez, Elbio; Araujo, Thais L. S.; Laurindo, Francisco R. M.; Lomonte, Bruno; Braun-Dullaeus, Rüdiger; Teixeira, Catarina de Fátima Pereira
Molecules 2019 Sep;24(18):3244

A snake venom-secreted phospholipase A2 induces foam cell formation depending on the activation of factors involved in lipid homeostasis [2018]

Leiguez, Elbio; Giannotti, Karina Cristina ; Viana, Mariana do Nascimento ; Matsubara, Márcio Hideki ; Fernandes, Cristina Maria ; Gutiérrez, José María; Lomonte, Bruno; Teixeira, Catarina de Fátima Pereira
Mediat Inflamm 2018;2018:2547918