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Early preclinical screening using zebrafish (Danio rerio) reveals the safety of the candidate anti-inflammatory therapeutic agent TnP [2021]

Silva Filho, João Batista da ; Falcão, Maria Alice Pimentel ; Maleski, Adolfo Luis Almeida ; Soares, Amanda Beatriz Silva ; Lima, Leticia Balan ; Disner, Geonildo Rodrigo ; Lima, Carla ; Lopes-Ferreira, Monica
Toxicol Rep 2021 ;8:13-22

Knockdown of miR-26a in zebrafish leads to impairment of the anti-inflammatory function of TnP in the control of neutrophilia [2021]

Falcão, Maria Alice Pimentel ; Walker, Cristiani Isabel Banderó; Disner, Geonildo Rodrigo ; Silva Filho, João Batista da ; Soares, Amanda Beatriz Silva ; Lima, Leticia Balan ; Lima, Carla ; Lopes-Ferreira, Monica
Fish Shellfish Immunol 2021 July;114:301-310

The natterin proteins diversity: a review on phylogeny, structure, and immune function [2021]

Lima, Carla ; Disner, Geonildo Rodrigo ; Falcão, Maria Alice Pimentel; Seni-Silva, Ana Carolina de; Maleski, Adolfo Luis Almeida ; Souza, Milena Marcolino de; Tonello, Mayara Cristina dos Reis ; Lopes-Ferreira, Monica
Toxins 2021 July;13(8):538

The toxic effects of glyphosate, chlorpyrifos, abamectin, and 2,4‐D on animal models: a systematic review of Brazilian studies [2020]

Disner, Geonildo Rodrigo ; Falcão, Maria Alice Pimentel ; Andrade‐Barros, Aline Ingrid ; Santos, Natália Vitorino Leite dos ; Soares, Amanda Beatriz Silva ; Marcolino-Souza Milena ; Gomes, Kamila de Sousa ; Lima, Carla ; Lopes-Ferreira, Monica
Integr. Environ. Assess. Manag. 2020 Oct;17(3):507-520

Where the aryl hydrocarbon receptor meets the microRNAs: literature review of the last 10 years [2021]

Disner, Geonildo Rodrigo ; Lopes-Ferreira, Monica ; Lima, Carla
Front. Mol. Biosci 2021 Oct;8:725044