Microbes and Infection

Microbes and Infection
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Microbes Infect.
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B-1 cells upregulate CD8 T lymphocytes and increase proinflammatory cytokines serum levels in oral encephalitozoonosis  [2018]

Santos, Denise Langanke dos; Alvares-Saraiva, Anuska Marcelino; Xavier, José Guilherme; Spadacci-Morena, Diva Denelle ; Peres, Giovani Bravin; Rocha, Paulo Ricardo Dell'Armelina; Perez, Elizabeth Cristina; Lallo, Maria Anete
Microbes Infect v. 20, n. 3, p. 196-204, mar. 2018

Contribution of complement system pathways to the killing of leptospira spp.  [2020]

Silva, Priscilla Yuri Okochi Alves da; Midon, Leonardo Moura; Heinemann, Marcos Bryan; Vasconcelos, Dewton de Moraes; Barbosa, Angela Silva ; Isaac, Lourdes
Microbes. Infect. in press, jul. 2020

Culture-attenuated pathogenic Leptospira lose the ability to survive to complement-mediated-killing due to lower expression of factor H binding proteins  [2019]

Moreno-Torres, Azaf; Malvido-Jiménez, Irving R.; Peña-Moctezuma, Alejandro de la; Sánchez, Luz O. Castillo; Fraga, Tatiana R.; Barbosa, Angela Silva ; Isaac, Lourdes; Sahagún-Ruiz, Alfredo
Microbes Infect. v. 21, n. 8-9, p. 377-385, oct-nov. 2019