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Caudal oviduct coiling in a viperid snake, Crotalus durissus  [2020]

Muniz-da-Silva, Diego Ferreira ; Passos, Juliana ; Siegel, Dustin S.; Almeida-Santos, Selma Maria
Acta Zool. v. 101, n. 1, p. 69-77, jan. 2020

Differences between poison and venom  [2021]

Jared, Carlos ; Mailho-Fontana, Pedro Luiz ; Antoniazzi, Marta Maria
Acta Zool. in press, fev. 2021

A histological and ultrastructural investigation of the female reproductive system of the water snake (Erythrolamprus miliaris)  [2019]

Rojas, Claudio Augusto ; Barros, Verônica Alberto ; Almeida-Santos, Selma Maria de
Acta Zool. v. 100, n. 1, p. 69-80, jan. 2019

Life history and reproduction of the neotropical caecilian Siphonops annulatus (Amphibia, Gymnophiona, Siphonopidae), with special emphasis on parental care  [2019]

Jared, Carlos ; Mailho-Fontana, Pedro Luiz ; Jared, Simone Gonçalves Silva ; Kupfer, Alexander; Delabie, Jacques Hubert Charles; Wilkinson, Mark; Antoniazzi, Marta Maria
Acta Zool. v. 100, n. 3, p. 292-302, jul. 2019

Life history of frogs of the Brazilian semi-arid (Caatinga), with emphasis in aestivation  [2019]

Jared, Carlos ; Mailho-Fontana, Pedro Luiz ; Mendelson, Joseph; Antoniazzi, Marta Maria
Acta Zool. p. 1-9, mar. 2019

Reproduction in the bushmaster (Lachesis muta): Uterine muscular coiling and female sperm storage  [2020]

Souza, Eletra de ; Almeida-Santos, Selma Maria
Acta Zool. in press, dez. 2020

Reproductive biology of Philodryas patagoniensis (Snakes: Dipsadidae) in south Brazil  [2018]

Loebens, Luiza; Rojas, Claudio Augusto ; Almeida-Santos, Selma Maria de ; Cechin, Sonia Zanini
Acta Zool. v. 99, n. 2, p. 105-114, abr. 2018