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NFKF is a synthetic fragment derived from rat hemopressin that protects mice from neurodegeneration  [2020]

Heimann, Andrea S.; Giardini, Aline Carolina ; Sant´Anna, Morena Brazil Martins ; Santos, Nilton B. dos; Gewehr, Mayara C.F.; Munhoz, Carolina D.; Castro, Leandro M.; Picolo, Gisele ; Remer, Ricardo A.; Ferro, Emer S.
Neurosci. Lett. v. 721, 134765, jan. 2020

Intracellular peptides in cell biology and pharmacology  [2019]

de Araujo, Christiane Bezerra ; Heimann, Andrea S.; Remer, Ricardo A.; Russo, Lilian C.; Colquhoun, Alison; Forti, Fabio L.; Ferro, Emer S.
Biomolecules v. 9, n. 4, p. 150, abr. 2019