Identity and role of the non-conserved acid/base catalytic residue in the GH29 fucosidase from the spider Nephilingis cruentata

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a-L-Fucosidases are widely occurring enzymes that remove fucose residues from N- and O-fucosylated glycoproteins. Comparison of amino acid sequences of fucosidases reveals that although the nucleophile is conserved among all a-L-fucosidases, the position of the acid/base residue is quite variable. Although several site-directed mutation studies have previously been performed on bacterial fucosidases, the only eukaryotic fucosidase so studied was the human fucosidase. Recent alignments indicate that human and Arthropoda a-L-fucosidases share at least 50% identity and the acid/base residue seems to be conserved among them suggesting a common acid/base residue in Metazoa. Here we describe the cloning and expression in Pichia pastoris of a very active a-L-fucosidase from the spider Nephilingis cruentata (NcFuc) with a Km value for pNPFuc of 0.4 mM. NcFuc hydrolyzed fucoidan, 2'fucosyllactose and also lacto-N-difucohexaose II. Mutants modified at the conserved residues D214N, E209A, E59A were expressed and characterized. The 500-fold lower kcat of D214N than the wild type was consistent with a role in catalysis, as was the 8000-fold lower kcat value of E59A. This was supported by the 57-fold increase in the kcat of E59A upon addition of azide. A complex pH/rate profile was seen for the wild-type and mutant forms of NcFuc, similar to those measured previously for the Sulfolobus fucosidase. The non-conservative catalytic structure and distinct active site organization reinforce the necessity of structural studies of new fucosidases.
Perrella NN, Withers SG., Lopes AR. Identity and role of the non-conserved acid/base catalytic residue in the GH29 fucosidase from the spider Nephilingis cruentata. Glycobiology. 2018 Dec;28(12):925-32. doi:10.1093/glycob/cwy083.
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