Description of a second known Liotyphlops caissara specimen (Serpentes: Anomalepididae)

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We recorded a second specimen of the poorly known insular blind snake Liotyphlops caissara. This new specimen expands the morphological variation of the number of dorsal scales in the genus Liotyphlops to 296 (vs. 304 in L. wilderi) and, considering the fact that the holotype of this species was destroyed, the present specimen represents the only available L. caissara individual in zoological collections. Also, this new record constitutes the first out of type locality and expands the distribution of the species in about 40 km to the northeastern. According to IUCN criteria (B1a, b [iii]), we suggest that L. caissara be included in the "Endangered" category, since it occurs in only two insular locations and exhibits an occurrence extension of <5,000 km² (about 355 km2).
Abegg AD, Azevedo WDS, Franco FL, Duarte MR. Description of a second known Liotyphlops caissara specimen (Serpentes: Anomalepididae). An Acad Bras Cien. 2019 Aug;91(3):e20181104. doi:10.1590/0001-3765201920181104.
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