Anatomy of the reproductive system of a population of Amerotyphlops brongersmianus from southeastern Brazil (Serpentes: Scolecophidia)

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Amerotyphlops brongersmianus (Vanzolini, 1976) is distributed in Brazil from the Atlantic Rainforest to the Cerrado biome. Only few studies have focused on the gross anatomy, reproductive organs, and histological data of typhlopids. We accessed information from the anatomy of gonads of 95 individuals collected at different months in the Restinga de Jurubatiba National Park, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. This included histological sections of the testes, ductus deferens and sexual segment of kidney in males, and oviducts in females, from which fecundity was determined. Results revealed a correlation between gross morphology and histology of the reproductive system. Testes volume increased during spermatogenesis, and the ductus deferens diameter increased with the presence of spermatozoa. Additionally, changes occurred in kidney morphology, which showed a smooth or rough surface, the latter corresponding to the development of the sexual segment of the kidney (SSK). Spermatozoa were found inside the lumen of the SSK of some males. Females lacked left oviducts and showed changes in morphological and histological aspects of the right oviducts throughout the year. In summer and spring the uterus showed undeveloped structures, while during winter this organ showed conspicuously developed glands and appeared pleated and opaque upon gross examination. The infundibulum was pleated in most females throughout the year and one female had spermatozoon in a receptacle located in the posterior infundibulum. In spring this organ was enlarged compared to winter, with a thinner epithelium. Fecundity corresponded to 7–11 eggs.
Khouri RS, Almeida-Santos SM, Fernandes DS. Anatomy of the reproductive system of a population of Amerotyphlops brongersmianus from southeastern Brazil (Serpentes: Scolecophidia). Anat Rec. 2020 Jan;:1-12. doi:10.1002/ar.24382.
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