Mitochondrially-targeted treatment strategies

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Disruption of mitochondrial function is a common feature of inherited mitochondrial diseases (mitochondriopathies) and many other infectious and non-infectious diseases including viral, bacterial and protozoan infections, inflammatory and chronic pain, neurodegeneration, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Mitochondria therefore become an attractive target for developing new therapies. In this review we describe critical mechanisms involved in the maintenance of mitochondrial functionality and discuss strategies used to identify and validate mitochondrial targets in different diseases. We also highlight the most recent preclinical and clinical findings using molecules targeting mitochondrial bioenergetics, morphology, number, content and detoxification systems in common pathologies.
Bozi LH.M., Campos JC., Zambelli VO, Ferreira ND., Ferreira JC.B.. Mitochondrially-targeted treatment strategies. Mol. Aspects Med.. 2020 Feb;71:100836. doi:10.1016/j.mam.2019.100836.
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