Factor XII-deficient chicken plasma as a useful target for screening of pro- and anticoagulant animal venom toxins

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The sensitivity of vertebrate citrated plasma to pro- and anticoagulant venom or toxins occurs on a microscale level (micrograms). Although it improves responses to agonists, recalcification triggers a relatively fast thrombin formation process in mammalian plasma. As it has a natural factor XII deficiency, the recalcification time (RT) of chicken plasma (CP) is comparatively long [= 1800 seconds (s)]. Our objective was to compare the ability of bee venom phospholipase A2 (bvPLA2) to neutralize clot formation induced by an activator of coagulation (the aPTT clot) in recalcified human and chicken plasmas, through rotational thromboelastometry. The strategy used in this study was to find doses of bvPLA2 that were sufficient enough to prolong the clotting time (CT) of these activated plasmas to values within their normal RT range. The CT of CP was prolonged in a dose-dependent manner by bvPLA2, with 17 ± 2.8 ng (n = 6) being sufficient to displace the CT values of the activated samples to = 1800 s. Only amounts up to 380 ± 41 ng (n = 6) of bvPLA2 induced the same effect in activated human plasma samples. In conclusion, the high sensitivity of CP to agonists and rotational thromboelastometry could be useful. For example, during screening procedures for assaying the effects of toxins in several stages of the coagulation pathway, such as clot initiation, formation, stability, strength, or dissolution
Prezoto BC, Oguiura N. Factor XII-deficient chicken plasma as a useful target for screening of pro- and anticoagulant animal venom toxins. Toxins. 2020 Jan;12(2):79. doi:10.3390/toxins12020079.
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