High-quality draft genome sequence resources of eight Xylella fastidiosa strains isolated from citrus, coffee, plum and hibiscus in South America.

Xylella fastidiosa subsp. pauca , once confined to South America and infecting mainly citrus and coffee plants, has been found to be associated with other hosts and in other geographic regions. We present high-quality draft genome sequences of X. fastidiosa subsp. pauca strains J1a12, B111, U24D and XRB isolated from citrus plants in Brazil, strain Fb7 isolated from a citrus plant in Argentina and strains 3124, Pr8x and Hib4 isolated, respectively, from coffee, plum and hibiscus plants in Brazil. Sequencing was performed using Roche 454-GS FLX, MiSeq-Illumina or Pacific Biosciences platforms. These high-quality genome assemblies will be useful for further studies about the genomic diversity, evolution, and biology of X. fastidiosa.
Xylella fastidiosa;  phytopathogen;  citrus variegated chlorosis;  subsp. pauca

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