Small RNA profiles of HTLV-1 asymptomatic carriers with monoclonal and polyclonal rearrangement of the t-cell antigen receptor γ-chain using massively parallel sequencing: a pilot study

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In the present pilot study, massively parallel sequencing (MPS) technology was used to investigate cellular small RNA (sRNA) levels in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of human T‑lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV‑I) infected asymptomatic carriers with monoclonal (ASM) and polyclonal (ASP) T cell receptor (TCR) γ gene. Blood samples from 15 HTLV‑I asymptomatic carriers (seven ASM and eight ASP) were tested for the clonal TCR‑γ gene and submitted for sRNA library construction together with blood samples of five healthy controls (HCs) using Illumina sequencing platform. The sRNA‑sequencing reads were aligned, annotated and profiled using various bioinformatics tools. Based on these results, possible markers were validated in the study samples by performing reverse transcription‑quantitative (RT‑q)PCR analysis. A total of 76 known sRNAs and 52 putative novel sRNAs were identified. Among them, 44 known and 34 potential novel sRNAs were differentially expressed in the ASM and ASP libraries compared with HCs. In addition, 10 known sRNAs were exclusively dysregulated in the ASM group and one (transfer RNA 65) was significantly upregulated in the ASP group. Homo sapiens (hsa) microRNA (miRNA/mir)‑23a‑3p, ‑28‑5p, hsa‑let‑7e‑5p and hsa‑mir‑28‑3p and ‑361‑5p were the most abundantly upregulated mature miRNAs and hsa‑mir‑363‑3p, ‑532‑5p, ‑106a‑5p, ‑25‑3p and ‑30e‑5p were significantly downregulated miRNAs (P<0.05) with a >2‑fold difference between the ASM and ASP groups compared with HCs. Based on these results, hsa‑mir‑23a‑3p and ‑363‑3p were selected for additional validation. However, the quantification of these two miRNAs using RT‑qPCR did not provide any significant differences. While the present study failed to identify predictive sRNA markers to distinguish between ASM and ASP, the MPS results revealed differential sRNA expression profiles in the PBMCs of HTLV‑1 asymptomatic carriers (ASM and ASP) compared with HCs.
Souza DRV, Pessôa R, Nascimento A, Nukui Y, Pereira J, Casseb J, et al. Small RNA profiles of HTLV‑1 asymptomatic carriers with monoclonal and polyclonal rearrangement of the t‑cell antigen receptor γ‑chain using massively parallel sequencing: a pilot study. Oncol. Lett.. 2020 Sept;20(3):2311-2321. doi:10.3892/ol.2020.11803.
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