LeafLive-DB: classification and data storage of botanical studies

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The development of studies, projects, and technologies that contribute to the understanding and preservation of plant biodiversity is becoming highly necessary, as well as tools and software platforms that enable the storage and classification of information resulting from studies on biodiversity. This work presents LeafLive-DB, a software platform that helps map and characterize species from the Brazilian plant biodiversity, offering the possibility of worldwide distribution. Developed by Brazilian and Peruvians researchers, this platform, which is available in its first version, features some functions for consulting and registering plant species and their taxonomy, among other information, through intuitive interfaces and an environment that promotes collaboration and data and research sharing. The platform innovates in data processing, functionality, and development architecture. It has ten thousand registers, and it should start to be distributed in partnership with schools and higher education institutions.
Beingolea JR, Ramos-Pires D, Rendulich J, Zegarra M, Borja-Murillo J, Fonseca SAS. LeafLive-DB: classification and data storage of botanical studies. Data. 2021 Mar;6(3):29. doi:10.3390/data6030029.
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