High-quality draft genome sequence of pantanalinema sp. GBBB05, a cyanobacterium from cerrado biome

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Cyanobacteria comprise one of the oldest and most diverse phyla in the Bacteria domain and are recognized for their importance in the biosphere evolution. Members of this phylum can be found in a wide variety of environments reflecting their photosynthetic ability, adaptability to various environmental conditions, and diversified metabolism. Such characteristics make cyanobacteria one of the preferred targets for research on bioactive compounds and new enzymes (Schirrmeister et al., 2011; Dittmann et al., 2015). Pantanalinema was described as a new genus of the Leptolyngbyaceae cyanobacterial family by a polyphasic approach, which included morphological characteristics, 16S rRNA gene phylogeny, 16S-23S ITS rRNA secondary structures, and physiological characteristics such as adaptability to pH variations (Vaz et al., 2015). This genus has been described only in Brazilian biomes such as the Pantanal and the Amazon, the first isolates being found in a lake. These Pantanalinema isolates were characterized by their ability to grow over a wide pH range (pH 4 to 11) as well as to modify the culture medium pH around neutrality (pH 6 to 7.4). Due to these characteristics, it is thought that this genus can occupy a variety of ecological niches, such as alkaline or slightly acidic water bodies (Vaz et al., 2015; Genuário et al., 2017). Taxonomic classification of Pantanalinema isolates requires the use of molecular markers as this genus is morphologically very similar to the recently described genus Amazoninema, which, in turn, has comparable morphology to other genera of the Leptolyngbyaceae family (Genuário et al., 2018). In this work, we report the genome sequence of a new Pantanalinema strain, named GBBB05, which was isolated from the Brazilian Cerrado biome. This is the first genome assembly for the Pantanalinema genus, which, along with the analyses provided here, is expected to enhance our understanding of this genus’s metabolic potential
Ferreira LSS, Butarelli ACA, Sousa RC, Oliveira MA, Moraes PHG, Ribeiro IS, et al. High-quality draft genome sequence of pantanalinema sp. GBBB05, a cyanobacterium from cerrado biome. Front. Ecol. Evol.. 2021 June;9:639852. doi:10.3389/fevo.2021.639852.
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