Oral tolerance induction by Bothrops jararaca venom in a murine model and cross-reactivity with toxins of other snake venoms

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Indução de tolerância oral pelo veneno de Bothrops jararaca em modelo murino e reatividade cruzada com toxinas de outros venenos de serpentes

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Oral tolerance is defined as a specific suppression of cellular and humoral immune responses to a particular antigen through prior oral administration of an antigen. It has unique immunological importance since it is a natural and continuous event driven by external antigens. It is characterized by low levels of IgG in the serum of animals after immunization with the antigen. There is no report of induction of oral tolerance to Bothrops jararaca venom. Here, we induced oral tolerance to B. jararaca venom in BALB/c mice and evaluated the specific tolerance and cross-reactivity with the toxins of other Bothrops species after immunization with the snake venoms adsorbed to/encapsulated in nanostructured SBA-15 silica. Animals that received a high dose of B. jararaca venom (1.8 mg) orally responded by showing antibody titers similar to those of immunized animals. On the other hand, mice tolerized orally with three doses of 1 µg of B. jararaca venom showed low antibody titers. In animals that received a low dose of B. jararaca venom and were immunized with B. atrox or B. jararacussu venom, tolerance was null or only partial. Immunoblot analysis against the venom of different Bothrops species provided details about the main tolerogenic epitopes and clearly showed a difference compared to antiserum of immunized animals.
Tsuruta LR, Moro AM, Tambourgi DV, Sant'anna OA. Oral tolerance induction by Bothrops jararaca venom in a murine model and cross-reactivity with toxins of other snake venoms. Toxins. 2021 Dec; 13(12):865. doi:10.3390/toxins13120865.
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