Cost-effectiveness of implant-supported dental prosthesis compared to conventional dental prosthesis

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OBJECTIVE: To conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis of alternatives for rehabilitation treatment of mandibular edentulism in the context of the Brazilian Unified Health System (implantsupported total dental prosthesis versus conventional total dental prosthesis). METHODS: A Markov model was developed to capture long-term clinical and economic outcomes. The model’s population was comprised of a hypothetical cohort of 1,000,000 patients, aged 55 years, with total mandibular edentulism and without medical contraindications for performing surgical procedures. The adopted analysis perspective was that of the Brazilian Unified Health System. Based on the proposed model, we calculated cost – in BRL, and effectiveness – measured by quality-adjusted prosthesis year (QAPY). The time horizon of the analysis was 20 years. RESULTS: Considering a 5% discount in costs and effects, the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of implant-supported total dental prostheses compared to conventional total dental prosthesis (BRL 464.22/QAPY) was lower than the willingness to pay threshold adopted in the model (BRL 3,050.00/QAPY). CONCLUSIONS: The results of this economic analysis showed that the rehabilitation of mandibular edentulous patients by implant-supported total prosthesis is very cost-effective when compared to conventional complete prosthesis, considering the cost-effectiveness limits employed.
Probst LF, Vanni T, Cavalcante DFB, Silva ET, Cavalcanti YW, Passeri LA, et al. Cost-effectiveness of implant-supported dental prosthesis compared to conventional dental prosthesis. Rev. Saúde Publ. 2019 Feb;53:69. doi:10.11606/s1518-8787.2019053001066.
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