Proteomic profile of extracellular matrix from native and decellularized chorionic canine placenta

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Placental plasticity, employing rapid growth and remodeling to supply the growing fetus, is majorly related to its extracellular matrix (ECM) components. Thus, we studied the proteome profiled of canine native and decellularized placenta to characterize the proteome related to maintenance of a microenvironment and structure suitable for tissue engineering applications. Protein was profiled from native (n=3) and decellularized (n=3) 35-days old canine placenta using the mass spectrometer Orbitrap Fusion Lumos. A total of 52 proteins were filtered and revealed ontologies connected to skeleton structuration, collagen processing, germ layers formation, cell adhesion, response to amino acids, and others. Also, the major enriched pathways were ECM-receptor interaction, focal adhesion, PI3K-Akt signaling, protein digestion and absorption. Aside, proteins related to structure (collagens), cell adhesion (laminin and fibronectin), ECM remodeling (MMP2 and TIMP3) and vascularization (VEGF and RLN) were present in decellularized condition. Our findings support the requirement of a proteomic profile to visualize the maintenance of essential protein groups for ECM structuring and physiology, that should support functions related to cell adhesion, vasculogenesis and as a reservoir of soluble molecules. Altogether, the 35-days old decellularized canine placenta can provide an adequate microenvironment for cell anchoring for further regenerative medicine application.
Matias GSS, Barreto RSN, Carreira ACO, Nishiyama Junior MY, Fratini P, Ferreira CR, et al. Proteomic profile of extracellular matrix from native and decellularized chorionic canine placenta. J. Proteomics. 2022 Mar;256:104497. doi:10.1016/j.jprot.2022.104497.
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