Six new species of Aphilodon centipedes (Geophilidae: Aphilodontinae) from Brazil

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After recent sampling in the Southeast and Northeast of Brazil, six new species of Aphilodon are described and illustrated based on males and females. From the Atlantic Forest biome, Aphilodon foraminis n. sp., A. aiuruocae n. sp., A. acutus n. sp. and A. rectitibia n. sp. were registered in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Aphilodon cangaceiro n. sp. is the first record of Aphilodontinae for the state of Piauí and was sampled in the Caatinga biome. Aphilodon bahianus n. sp. is the first species of Aphilodontinae known for the state of Bahia, being registered from the Atlantic Forest and in the Caatinga biomes. Additionally, some morphological characteristics of all known species of Aphilodon and their distributions are compared.
Calvanese VC., Brescovit AD. Six new species of Aphilodon centipedes (Geophilidae: Aphilodontinae) from Brazil. Zootaxa. 2022 Mar;5105(4):539–558. doi:10.11646/ZOOTAXA.5105.4.4.
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