A new huriine genus and notes on morphological characters (Araneae: Salticidae: Salticinae)

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Huriini Simon, 1901 currently consists of six genera and 17 species, distributed exclusively in South America. In this work, the huriine genus Guriurius Marta, Bustamante, Ruiz & Rodrigues, gen. nov. is proposed with two new species herein described: Guriurius minuano Marta, Bustamante, Ruiz & Rodrigues, sp. nov. (type species) and Guriurius nancyae Marta, Bustamante, Ruiz & Rodrigues, sp. nov. The female of Atelurius segmentatus Simon, 1901 is described and illustrated for the first time. Scoturius dipterioides Perger & Rubio, 2018 is transferred to Atelurius Simon, 1901 due to the morphological similarity of copulatory ducts of epigyne, and Hurius pisac Galiano, 1985 is transferred to Simonurius Galiano, 1988 due to the similarities in body shape and female genitalia. Simonurius campestratus (Simon, 1901) is synonymized with Simonurius quadratarius (Simon, 1901). The interpretation of genitalic characters in Huriini is discussed. In addition, we provide new distributional records for Admesturius bitaeniatus (Simon, 1901), Ad. mariaeugeniae Bustamante & Scioscia, 2014, Ad. schajovskoyi Galiano, 1988, At. segmentatus Simon, 1901, Scoturius tigris Simon, 1901, Hurius aeneus (Mello-Leitão, 1941), and Simonurius gladifer (Simon, 1901). Except for Urupuyu Ruiz & Maddison, 2015, all huriine genera are rediagnosed in the new context of tribe and genus composition.
Marta KS., Bustamante AA., Ruiz GR.S., Teixeira RA., Hagopián D, Brescovit AD, et al. A new huriine genus and notes on morphological characters (Araneae: Salticidae: Salticinae). Zootaxa. 2022 Apr;5124(4):431–457. doi:10.11646/ZOOTAXA.5124.4.2.
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