Sf9 cell metabolism throughout the recombinant Baculovirus and rabies virus-like particles production in two culture systems

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This work aimed to assess the Sf9 cell metabolism during growth, and infection steps with recombinant baculovirus bearing rabies virus proteins, to fnally obtain rabies VLP in two culture systems: Schott fask (SF) and stirred tank reactor (STR). Eight assays were performed in SF and STR (four assays in each system) using serum-free SF900 III culture medium. Two non-infection growth kinetics assays and six recombinant baculovirus infection assays. The infection runs were carried out at 0.1 pfu/cell multiplicity of infection (MOI) for single baculovirus bearing rabies glycoprotein (BVG) and matrix protein (BVM) and a coinfection with both baculoviruses at MOI of 3 and 2 pfu/cell for BVG and BVM, respectively. The SF assays were done in triplicate. The glucose, glutamine, glutamate, lactate, and ammonium uptake or release specifc rates were quantifed over the exponential growth phase and infection stage. The highest uptake specifc rate was observed for glucose (42.5× 10–12 mmol cell/h) in SF and for glutamine (30.8× 10–12 mmol/cell/h) in STR, in the exponential growth phases. A wave pattern was observed for assessed analytes throughout the infection phase and the glucose had the highest wave amplitude within the 10–10 mmol cell/h order. This alternative uptake and release behavior is in harmony with the lytic cycle of baculovirus in insect cells. The virus propagation and VLP generation were not limited by glucose, glutamine, and glutamate, neither by the toxicity of lactate nor ammonium under the conditions appraised in this work. The fndings from this work can be useful to set baculovirus infection processes at high cell density to improve rabies VLP yield, purity, and productivity.
Guardalini LGO, Leme J, Cavalcante PES, Mello RG, Bernardino TC, Jared SGS, et al. Sf9 Cell metabolism throughout the recombinant Baculovirus and rabies virus-like particles production in two culture systems. Mol Biotechnol. . doi:10.1007/s12033-023-00759-2.
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