Navigating the boundaries between metabolism and epigenetics in trypanosomes

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Epigenetic marks enable cells to acquire new biological features that favor their adaptation to environmental changes. These marks are chemical modifications on chromatin-associated proteins and nucleic acids that lead to changes in the chromatin landscape and may eventually affect gene expression. The chemical tags of these epigenetic marks are comprised of intermediate cellular metabolites. The number of discovered associations between metabolism and epigenetics has increased, revealing how environment influences gene regulation and phenotype diversity. This connection is relevant to all organisms but underappreciated in digenetic parasites, which must adapt to different environments as they progress through their life cycles. This review speculates and proposes associations between epigenetics and metabolism in trypanosomes, which are protozoan parasites that cause human and livestock diseases.
Menezes AP, AMM, Castro CG, Bellini NK, Tosi LRO, Thiemann OH, et al. Navigating the boundaries between metabolism and epigenetics in trypanosomes. Trends Parasitol. 2023 Aug; 39(8):682-695. doi:10.1016/
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