Linseed oil attenuates fatty liver disease in mice fed a high-carbohydrate diet

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The impact of linseed oil as a lipid source on liver disease induced by a high-carbohydrate diet (HCD) was evaluated. Adult male Swiss mice received an HCD containing carbohydrates (72.1%), proteins (14.2%), and lipids (4.0%). The Control HCD group (HCD-C) received an HCD containing lard (3.6%) and soybean oil (0.4%) as lipid sources. The L10 and L100 groups received an HCD with 10 and 100% linseed oil as lipid sources, respectively. A group of mice were euthanized before receiving the diets (day 0) and the remaining groups after 56 days of receiving the diets (HCD-C, L10, and L-100 groups). Morphological and histopathological analyses, as well as collagen deposition were evaluated. Perivenous hepatocytes (PVH) of the HCD-C group were larger (P<0.05) than periportal hepatocytes (PPH) in the median lobe (ML) and left lobe (LL). There was a greater (P<0.05) deposition of type I collagen in PPH (vs PVH) and in the ML (vs LL). The ML exhibited a higher proportion of apoptotic bodies, inflammatory infiltrate, and hepatocellular ballooning. All these alterations (hepatocyte size, deposition of type I collagen, apoptotic bodies, inflammatory infiltrate, and hepatocellular ballooning) induced by HCD were prevented or attenuated in L10 and L100 groups. Another indicator of the beneficial effects of linseed oil was the lower (P<0.05) number of binucleated hepatocytes (HCD-C vs L10 or L100 group). In general, the L100 group had greater effects than the L10 group. In conclusion, linseed oil impedes or reduces the liver injury progression induced by an HCD.
Godoy G., Bernardo C.C.O., Casagrande L., Sérgio M.L.M., Zanoni J.N., Perles J.V.C.M., et al. Linseed oil attenuates fatty liver disease in mice fed a high-carbohydrate diet. Braz J Med Biol Res. 2023 jul; 56:e12927. doi:10.1590/1414-431X2023e12927.
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