Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea) of the urban park of Instituto Butantan, São Paulo, Southeastern Brazil

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Green areas in urban landscapes are under strong anthropogenic pressure, and, at the same time are fundamental to maintaining biodiversity, as they provide resources for many animal and plant species. Knowing these species is fundamental for its maintenance and conservation, and inventories are extremely important for monitoring fauna and conserving it. Therefore, the goal of this research is to inventory the butterflies species in the park of the Instituto Butantan (Ibu), located in an urban area in the city of São Paulo, southeast Brazil. The surveys of butterflies were conducted through visual censuses from August 2017 to July 2019 and recorded a total of 324 butterfly species. The most speciose family was Hesperiidae, followed by Nymphalidae, Lycaenidae, Pieridae, Riodinidae, and Papilionidae. Among the sampled species, there is Euselasia zara which is a new record for the state of São Paulo. Neither the species accumulation nor the richness estimator curves tended to reach an asymptote, suggesting that additional butterflies’ species will be recorded with more sampling effort on the site. Even with a flora composed mainly of exotic and ornamental plants, the park of Instituto Butantan exhibits a very rich butterfly community. This community exhibits a pattern of seasonally variation, with the peak of species richness related to the rainy season. When compared with Cidade Universitária Armando de Salles Oliveira (USP), another nearby urban green area, which is larger, more heterogeneous and sampled over a longer period, it is possible to notice that the Ibu butterfly community is a subsample of this larger one. These results highlight the potential that urban parks have for the maintenance and conservation of butterfly species.
Vieira-Silva A, Duarte e Silva AP, Accacio GM, Candia-Gallardo C, Hingst-Zaher E. Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea) of the urban park of Instituto Butantan, São Paulo, Southeastern Brazil. Pap Avulsos Zool. 2023 Sep; 63:e202363032. doi:10.11606/1807-0205/2023.63.032.
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