Taxonomic notes, distribution update and the first chromosomal analysis of Vectius niger (Simon, 1880) and Trochanteria gomezi Canals, 1933 (Araneae: Trochanteriidae)

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Spiders of the family Trochanteriidae are characterized by the carapace being extremely flat, with a reflex border, medium posterior eyes flattened, laterigrade legs, the absence of claw tufts, anterior lateral spinnerets with an incomplete distal article, and an inflatable and epiginal plate formed by a divided plate. Two out of the six worldwide genera of Trocantheriids have species in the Brazilian areas: Trochanteria Karsch and Vectius Simon. Here we present the redescription of Vectius niger and morphological data of Trochanteria gomezi, with an expansion of the distribution of these species in the Neotropical region and unpublished chromosomal data of both species. Mitotic and meiotic cells of both T. gomezi and V. niger showed 2n♂=22 and 2n♀=24 telocentric chromosomes, with a sex chromosome system of the type X1X2 in males/X1X1X2X2 in females. The chromosomal data shown here matches those found in trochanteriids to date.
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