Using "adopt a bacterium" as an e-learning tool for simultaneously teaching microbiology to different health-related university courses

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The COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges for education, particularly in undergraduate teaching. In this study, we report on the experience of how a private university successfully addressed this challenge through an active methodology applied to a microbiology discipline offered remotely to students from various health-related courses (veterinary, physiotherapy, nursing, biomedicine, and nutrition). Remote teaching was combined with the “Adopt a Bacterium” methodology, implemented for the first time on Google Sites. The distance learning activity notably improved student participation in microbiology discussions, both through word cloud analysis and the richness of discourse measured by the Shannon index. Furthermore, feedback from students about the e-learning approach was highly positive, indicating its effectiveness in motivating and involving students in the learning process. The results also demonstrate that despite being offered simultaneously to students, the methodology allowed for the acquisition of specialized knowledge within each course and sparked student interest in various aspects of microbiology. In conclusion, the remote “Adopt a Bacterium” methodology facilitated knowledge sharing among undergraduate students from different health-related courses and represented a valuable resource in distance microbiology education.
Atividades de ensino em microbiologia
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