Henrique Hesse

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Hesse, Henrique
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Henrique Hesse
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Função identificada pela biblioteca. Aluno doutorado desde 2017 na USP orientado por Durvanei Augusto Maria.

Research Outputs

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Antiproliferative and proapoptotic effects of DODAC/synthetic phosphoethanolamine on hepatocellular carcinoma cells  [2018]

Luna, Arthur Cássio de Lima ; Saraiva, Greice Kelle Viegas; Chierice, Gilberto Orivaldo; Hesse, Henrique ; Maria, Durvanei Augusto
BMC Pharmacol. Toxicol. v. 19, 44, jul. 2018

Modulation of pro-apoptotic effects and mitochondrial potential on B16F10 cells by DODAC/PHO-S liposomes  [2018]

Luna, Arthur Cássio de Lima ; Santos Filho, José Roberto de Assis ; Hesse, Henrique ; Neto, Salvador Claro; Chierice, Gilberto Orivaldo; Maria, Durvanei Augusto
BMC Res Notes v. 11, 126, fev. 2018

Quantitative evaluation of collagen and elastic fibers after intense pulsed light treatment of mouse skin  [2018]

Faucz, Luciana Rodrigues Lisboa ; Will, Sonia Elisabete Alves de Lima ; Rodrigues, Consuelo J.; Hesse, Henrique ; Cirelli-Moraes, Angelina ; Maria, Durvanei Augusto
Lasers Surg. Med. v. 50, n. 6, p. 644-650, ago. 2018