Ivan Pereira Nascimento

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Nascimento, Ivan Pereira
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Ivan Pereira Nascimento
Nascimento, I. P.
Nascimento, Ivan P.
do Nascimento, Ivan Pereira
Nascimento, Ivan Pereira
Nascimento, I.P.
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Research Outputs

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A bivalent recombinant mycobacterium bovis BCG expressing the S1 subunit of the pertussis toxin induces a polyfunctional CD4+ T cell immune response  [2019]

Kanno, Alex Issamu ; Goulart, Cibelly ; Leite, Luciana Cezar de Cerqueira ; Pagliarone, Ana Carolina ; Nascimento, Ivan Pereira
Biomed Res Int v. 2019, 9630793, 2019

Characterisation of alternative expression vectors for recombinant Bacillus Calmette-Guérin as live bacterial delivery systems  [2020]

Nascimento, Larissa Vilela ; Santos, Carina C.; Leite, Luciana Cezar de Cerqueira ; Nascimento, Ivan Pereira
Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz v. 115, e190347, mai. 2020

In vitro evidence of human immune responsiveness shows the improved potential of a recombinant BCG strain for bladder cancer treatment  [2019]

Rodríguez, Dunia ; Goulart, Cibelly ; Pagliarone, Ana Carolina ; Silva, Eliane Pessoa da ; Cunegundes, Priscila Silva ; Nascimento, Ivan Pereira ; Borra, Ricardo C.; Dias, Waldely de Oliveira ; Tagliabue, Aldo; Boraschi, Diana; Leite, Luciana Cezar de Cerqueira
Front. immunol. v. 10, p. 1460, jun. 2019

Recombinant BCG expressing the LTAK63 adjuvant induces increased early and long-term immune responses against Mycobacteria  [2020]

Santos, Carina Carvalho Dos ; Rodríguez, Dunia ; Kanno, Alex Issamu ; Leite, Luciana Cezar de Cerqueira ; Nascimento, Ivan Pereira
Hum. Vaccin. Immunother. v. 16, n. 3, p. 673-683, 2020