Tasson da Costa Rodrigues

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Rodrigues, Tasson Costa
Full Name
Tasson da Costa Rodrigues
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Research Outputs

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Efficacy of a protein vaccine and a conjugate vaccine against co-colonization with vaccine-type and non-vaccine type pneumococci in mice  [2020]

Colichio, Gabriela Borges Cherulli ; Oliveira, Giuliana Stephani de ; Rodrigues, Tasson Costa ; Oliveira, Maria Leonor Sarno de ; Miyaji, Eliane Namie
Pathogens v. 9, n. 4, 278, abr. 2020

Mucosal immunization with PspA (Pneumococcal surface protein A)-adsorbed nanoparticles targeting the lungs for protection against pneumococcal infection  [2018]

Rodrigues, Tasson Costa ; Oliveira, Maria Leonor Sarno de ; Schanoski, Alessandra Soares ; Rico, Stefanni Liliane Chavez ; Figueiredo, Douglas Borges ; Gonçalves, Viviane Maimoni ; Ferreira, Daniela M.; Kunda, Nitesh K.; Saleem, Imran Y.; Miyaji, Eliane Namie
PLoS One v. 13, n. 1, e0191692, jan. 2018