Semen collection and evaluation in micrurus corallinus

The Painted Coral Snake Micrurus corallinus is one of the Brazilian species kept in captivity to obtain venom for antivenom production. Difficulties in establishing a sizeable breeding colony make it necessary to find alternatives that increase the reproductive efficiency of captive individuals. Here, we tested a semen collection protocol and characterize the seminal parameters of captive M. corallinus. We collected semen during the mating season of the species (spring-summer) and were successful at every first attempt. Spermatozoa of M. corallinus are elongated and filiform, and the midpiece is the longest part. Sperm motility and progressive motility reached values of 80% and 3.6%, respectively, during the reproductive period of this species. Our results will allow further studies to improve husbandry, reproductive rates, and conservation of captive M. corallinus.
Coeti RZ, Silva KB, Puorto G, Travaglia-Cardoso SR, Almeida-Santos SM. Semen collection and evaluation in micrurus corallinus. Herpetol. Conserv. Biol.. 2021 Jan;15(3):620-625
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