Short-term cold storage of seminal samples of the golden lancehead pitviper (Bothrops insularis)

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Assisted reproductive technologies such as cooling, freezing, and artificial insemination are essential in conserving genetic diversity of critically endangered reptiles like the golden lancehead pitviper (Bothrops insularis). Therefore, we examined viability of semen samples from captive golden lanceheads diluted in coconut‐water based extender over a 48‐h period of cooling (5°C). Semen evaluations were performed immediately after the dilution and at 6, 24, and 48 h, using computer‐assisted sperm analysis and stains to assess plasma membrane and acrosomal status. Our findings showed that the extender and protocol employed here were effective in preserving golden lancehead pitviper spermatozoa for a short periods of time (48 h), allowing semen samples to be transported to distant locations for immediate use without the setbacks of cryopreservation.
Silva KB, Frediani MH, Angrimani DSR, Coeti RZ, Pereira RJG, Nichi M, et al. Short-term cold storage of seminal samples of the golden lancehead pitviper (Bothrops insularis). Zoo Biol.. 2021 Feb;40(3):256-260. doi:10.1002/zoo.21590.
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