Effects of Kynurenic acid on the rat aorta ischemia—reperfusion model: pharmacological characterization and proteomic profiling

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Kynurenic acid (KYNA) is derived from tryptophan, formed by the kynurenic pathway. KYNA is being widely studied as a biomarker for neurological and cardiovascular diseases, as it is found in ischemic conditions as a protective agent; however, little is known about its effect after ischemia-reperfusion in the vascular system. We induced ischemia for 30 min followed by 5 min reperfusion (I/R) in the rat aorta for KYNA evaluation using functional assays combined with proteomics. KYNA recovered the exacerbated contraction induced by phenylephrine and relaxation induced by acetylcholine or sodium nitroprussiate in the I/R aorta, with vessel responses returning to values observed without I/R. The functional recovery can be related to the antioxidant activity of KYNA, which may be acting on the endothelium-injury prevention, especially during reperfusion, and to proteins that regulate neurotransmission and cell repair/growth, expressed after the KYNA treatment. These proteins interacted in a network, confirming a protein profile expression for endothelium and neuron repair after I/R. Thus, the KYNA treatment had the ability to recover the functionality of injured ischemic-reperfusion aorta, by tissue repairing and control of neurotransmitter release, which reinforces its role in the post-ischemic condition, and can be useful in the treatment of such disease
Lima VSS, Mariano DOC, Vigerelli H, Janussi SC, Baptista TVL, Claudino MA, et al. Effects of Kynurenic acid on the Rat Aorta Ischemia—Reperfusion model: pharmacological characterization and proteomic profiling. Molecules. 2021 May;26(10):2845. doi:10.3390/molecules26102845.
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