Retrospective spatio-temporal dynamics of dengue virus 1, 2 and 4 in Paraguay

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dc.contributorLab. Fisiopatologiapt_BR
dc.contributor(LCC) Lab. Ciclo Celularpt_BR
dc.contributorGestão Científica dos Laboratóriospt_BR
dc.contributor.authorVazquez, Cynthiapt_BR
dc.contributor.authorAlcantara, Luiz Carlos Juniorpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorFonseca, Vagnerpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorLima, Alex Ranieri Jerônimopt_BR
dc.contributor.authorElias, Maria Carolinapt_BR
dc.contributor.authorSampaio, Sandra Coccuzzopt_BR
dc.identifier.citationVazquez C, Alcantara LCJ, Fonseca V, Lima ARJ, Elias MC, Sampaio SC. Retrospective spatio-temporal dynamics of dengue virus 1, 2 and 4 in Paraguay. Viruses. 2023 May; 15(6):1275. doi:10.3390/v15061275.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractDengue virus (DENV) has been a major public health concern in Paraguay, with frequent outbreaks occurring since early 1988. Although control measures have been implemented, dengue remains a significant health threat in the country, and continued efforts are required for prevention and control. In response to that, in collaboration with the Central Public Health Laboratory in Asunción, we conducted a portable whole-genome sequencing and phylodynamic analysis to investigate DENV viral strains circulating in Paraguay over the past epidemics. Our genomic surveillance activities revealed the co-circulation of multiple DENV serotypes: DENV-1 genotype V, the emerging DENV-2 genotype III, BR4-L2 clade, and DENV-4 genotype II. Results additionally highlight the possible role of Brazil as a source for the international dispersion of different viral strains to other countries in the Americas emphasizing the need for increased surveillance across the borders, for the early detection and response to outbreaks. This, in turn, emphasizes the critical role of genomic surveillance in monitoring and understanding arbovirus transmission and persistence locally and over long distances.pt_BR
dc.description.sponsorship(NIH) National Institutes of Healthpt_BR
dc.description.sponsorship(UWARN) United World Antiviral Research Networkpt_BR
dc.description.sponsorship(FAPESP) Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulopt_BR
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dc.rightsOpen accesspt_BR
dc.titleRetrospective spatio-temporal dynamics of dengue virus 1, 2 and 4 in Paraguaypt_BR
dc.rights.licenseCC BYpt_BR
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dc.contributor.external(ULISBOA) Universidade de Lisboapt_BR
dc.contributor.externalUniversity of Campus Bio-Medico di Romapt_BR
dc.subject.keywordgenomic surveillancept_BR
dc.identifier.citationabntv. 15, n. 6, 1275, mai. 2023pt_BR
dc.identifier.citationvancouver2023 May; 15(6):1275pt_BR
dc.contributor.butantanLima, Alex Ranieri Jerônimo|:Pesquisador|:(LCC) Lab. Ciclo Celular|:pt_BR
dc.contributor.butantanElias, Maria Carolina|:Pesquisador|:(LCC) Lab. Ciclo Celular|:pt_BR
dc.contributor.butantanSampaio, Sandra Coccuzzo|:Pesquisador|:Gestão Científica dos Laboratórios|:pt_BR
dc.sponsorship.butantan(NIH) National Institutes of Health¦¦U01 AI151698pt_BR
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